Things to do in Caserta – and surroungings –   exciting and unmissable!

I anticipate some, which I will also tell on our blog, among those I love most.

Fly with us on the Valle del Volturno! Unique, beautiful and exclusive experience only for Guests of Cas’E.

And then among other things to do in Caserta this is a list of my favorites:

The romantic and muffled atmosphere of the English Garden
Mozzarella … why not eat directly in a mozzarella factory?
The best pizza in the world … Franco Pepe and his Pepe in Grani
My friend Peppe Russo and his Prosit a few steps from Cas’E
Anna Chiavazzo’s sweets at the Giardino di Ginevra
Our star: Rosanna Marziale at the Restaurant Le Colonne di Marziale
Another romantic garden, that of the Antica Hostaria Massa
Wine, our wine … with the possibility of visiting the Alepa winery
The cocktails and the international aria of Radici Clandestine
Ornella’s fantastic sandwiches at the Public House Burger Gourmet

Visit to the Belvedere of San Leucio
Wait for the sunset at Casertavecchia and look towards the sea
The WWF oasis of Bosco di San Silvestro
Palazzo Mondo and Villa Porfidia of the Guevara Dukes of Bovino with their enchanted gardens

And if you still don’t know what to do in Caserta … book one of our rooms, we’ll take you to the most beautiful places!