Cas’E Charming House is a hotel in Caserta but it is also a desire, every desire has a story. This, mine.

I have been dealing with Hospitality for many years, I love this job deeply.

I live the hotel as a suspended dimension in which to invent and tell moments of relaxation, a journey, experiences and emotions.

The hotel is a non-place where the world happens, a place to share its history, a space of conviviality, of creativity, in which endless lives meet and touch.

I have always cherished the dream of giving me a place where I can recount my passions, where to go back a little to the past, to when – as a Master of mine often repeated to me – we were “Gentlemen and Gentlemen who serve Gentlemen and Gentlemen “.

After much wandering, I arrived in Caserta.

Love has kept me here. With a bit of luck I found this house, turning it into Case’E was tiring but fun, it was designed to become the extension of your homes, enjoy the time you spend there!

And enjoy this Earth, enjoy our Sud , complicated and contradictory, sometimes uncomfortable, but beautiful, hospitable, alive, colorful and bright!